New specialist property and lending recovery firm enters the market

A new specialist property and lending recovery firm, Property & Portfolio Recovery Services Group (PPRS), has officially launched.

PPRS is an alternative to traditional debt recovery services for commercial property debts in the UK.

It offers services and consultancy for P2P, commercial, CBILS and invoice debt recovery, as well as mediation.

The firm aims to provide greater flexibility and bespoke solutions that fit clients’ particular needs.

It can advance a free 30-minute consultation for those seeking insight into how their specific debt recovery challenges can be answered. 

PPRS was co-founded by James Crascall, the firm’s managing director, who is an experienced litigator, consultant, legal adviser and recovery specialist, as well as an expert in commercial debt recovery and contractual disputes.

“Until now, commercial property debt recovery has been a fractured process,” he said.

“No one commercial debt recovery case is the same; it is not a single process, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. 

“Getting the right experts on the case in the right way and at the right time is paramount to timely and cost-effective resolution. 

“In the worst case scenario, not dealing with these challenges can ultimately lead to lenders collapsing.” 

He claimed that collapsed P2P firms have negatively affected the reputation of the P2P market and, in their wake, other platforms have tightened controls.

“However, poor debt management and a continuing lack of timely and successful recovery practices is still seeing [some of] these new lenders taking significant and unnecessary risks,” he claimed. 

“While many P2Ps are now placing more importance on debt management and recovery, it is clear that significant gaps still exist — and it doesn’t take long for issues to spiral.”

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