Glenhawk achieves carbon neutral certification

Glenhawk has achieved the internationally recognised PAS 2060 carbon neutral certification from the Carbon Trust.

The organisation certifies the footprint of products, companies, organisations and value chains across the globe.

This certification reflects Glenhawk’s commitment to decarbonisation and the neutralisation of its remaining impact through the support of environmental projects, as it continues to employ institutional style practices across the business.

The carbon neutral certification boundary includes the lender’s scope one and two footprint from its own operations, which amounted to approximately three tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent).

The low footprint highlights the benefit of the renewable energy supply tariff used for its office premises, the absence of gas on site, and of refrigerants leaks for the reporting year.

To compensate for emissions, Glenhawk purchased 30 tonnes of carbon offsets through ClimateCare’s Standard Portfolio.

In line with its carbon management plan, Glenhawk is currently implementing enhanced measures to achieve neutrality for this coming year, which will also include its scope three category six business travel emissions, and potential other scope three categories.

Led by Daron Kularatnam, group treasurer at Glenhawk (pictured above), the company is currently working towards formalising its ESG framework, which will include implementing a carbon management plan to ensure all employees are aligned to the objective across the business.

“The world we operate in today is transitioning to a multi-stakeholder model where businesses are being measured by their ability to serve not only the shareholders, but also its customers, employees, society and the environment,” said Daron.

"We see an opportunity for Glenhawk to drive the green agenda within the short-term lending sector, with this certification the first of a series of near-term initiatives which will show we are serious about delivering meaningful impact for the benefit of all our stakeholders.”

Guy Harrington, CEO at Glenhawk, added: “This achievement is aligned with our wider corporate ethos of doing things differently. 

“It represents the latest step in our longer-term ambitions to demonstrate the role that the alternative lending sector has to play in solving the climate change crisis.”

Myles McCarthy, managing director at the Carbon Trust, commented: “We are delighted to have certified Glenhawk as carbon neutral in line with the internationally recognised PAS 2060 Standard. 

“This achievement demonstrates Glenhawk’s commitment to reducing its carbon impact as a key part of its sustainability journey.”

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