FIBA adds Hilltop Credit Partners to lender panel

FIBA has appointed Hilltop Credit Partners to its lender panel.

Hilltop Credit Partners, which is backed by global real estate investment firm Round Hill Capital, specialises in development funding for SME developers.

Its management team has over 30 years of experience across real estate development, asset management, credit, banking, legal, tax and fund operations.

Adam Tyler, executive chairman at FIBA (pictured above), said: “Today’s developer undoubtedly needs a bigger toolkit of specialist financial skills. 

“Hilltop Credit Partners combines development experience with data-driven analytics to help make better lending decisions. 

“It wants to approach any introduction by being entrepreneurial, with the ability to move quickly in order to provide the funding your customers need to seize opportunities.”

Adam Ware, vice president of origination at Hilltop Credit Partners, added: "We’re excited to be joining FIBA, recognising the vital role brokers play in connecting SME developers with the right funding for their projects. 

“Our one-stop finance is a unique solution that saves brokers and their clients time and peace of mind compared to piecing together funding from multiple sources. 

“We lower the overall cost of capital and lend deeper into the capital stack, assuming more risk to stretch developers’ equity further, improve their returns and enable them to secure additional projects."

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