CSS doubles AssocRICS assessment qualification windows to grow surveyor numbers

Countrywide Surveying Services (CSS) has announced that it will double the number of AssocRICS assessment qualification windows in a bid to get more residential surveyors certified and out into the industry.

In partnership with RICS, Countrywide has supported and piloted a revised approach to allow a greater number of assessment windows, which will start from 2022 and move to a quarterly basis.

The CSS training academy has delivered over 200 surveyors into the sector during the past six years.

Despite ongoing restrictions as a result of the pandemic, it continued its recruitment drive in 2020 with 20 trainees graduating over the course of the year, and a further 13 qualifying as AssocRICS in the early part of this year. 

An additional 13 people began their course in February, and 29 will be part of the training academy for the second half of the year.

Rebecca Freeman, director of field operations at CSS, said: “In partnership with the RICS, we are taking steps to enhance what is already a hugely successful AssocRICS programme by offering additional opportunities which will allow a greater number of residential surveyors to successfully graduate. 

“This is brilliant news for not only those who are looking to qualify and begin their careers at the earliest opportunity, but also in terms of having more surveyors out in the field to keep the property market moving.”

Kirsty Gould, head of assessment delivery at RICS, added: “It has been a great opportunity to work collaboratively with CSS on this initiative and I am really pleased that we have had such a positive result. 

“We are successfully moving to quarterly assessments and reducing the gap between the wait from the February-to-July assessment windows. 

“Alongside this, we are also speeding up certain parts of the process to allow candidates to obtain feedback at the point the results are released. 

“This not only supports the candidate, but also their employers in what the next steps are.”

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