Together, LendInvest and Mansfield Building Society update product ranges

Together, LendInvest and Mansfield Building Society have revamped their specialist finance product offerings.


Together has introduced a two-year fixed-rate option for first- and second-charge consumer BTL, with rates starting at 5.69% and 6.19%, respectively.

Landlords and property investors can also benefit from the lender’s two- and five-year fixed-rate BTL products, which have been added to its standard and specialist ranges.

They come at its lowest ever BTL fixed rates of 5.19% (for two-year fixes) and 5.49% (for five-year).

In addition, the lender has extended its prime-plus range to cover shared ownership and rent-to-buy with rates starting at 3.59% for two-year terms, and 4.99% for five-year fixes.

Sundeep Patel, director of sales at Together, said: “We’re committed to offering our customers the right mortgage deals to meet their ambitions. 

“Whether that’s getting their foothold on the property ladder through shared ownership, buying the council house they’ve lived in for years, or expanding their rental portfolio, we believe that we have the competitive products they’re looking for, even if they’ve previously been overlooked by mainstream lenders.

“We also think it’s vitally important to provide much needed support for the many borrowers whose financial circumstances may have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic while, at the same time, offering the certainty and security provided by fixed-rate products.”


LendInvest has trimmed rates across its BTL range and introduced a new product for large HMOs and MUFBs.

The lender has repriced its standard BTL suite, with its two-year 65% LTV product now available at 2.85%, and its five-year 65% LTV option at 3.04%. 

The company’s five-year 75% LTV rate has also been reduced to 3.20% for standard properties. 

Borrowers are eligible for a reduced £150 valuation fee on standard properties.

The products available for small HMOs at up to 75% LTV are now offered at 3.04% and 3.34% for two- and five-year terms, respectively.

Meanwhile, LendInvest’s new offering for large HMOs and MUFBs goes up to 75% LTV at 3.69% for two-year terms and 3.95% for five-year fixes.

Andy Virgo, sales director at LendInvest, said: ““The opportunity to bring this newly priced range of products to our broker partners attention is welcomed and should be seen as a sign of our commitment to help landlords access not only great service and processes, but compelling rates too.”

Mansfield Building Society

Mansfield Building Society has launched a five-year fixed-rate BTL product for new and existing landlords looking to buy or refinance investment property.

Available at up to 75% LTV at a pay rate of 3.39%, it offers loans between £100,000 and £500,000 for any single property, meaning that portfolio landlords can access this option for multiple properties.

It comes with a £199 application and £1,300 completion fee. 

The product aims to offer greater flexibility by allowing lower rental yields to satisfy the society’s affordability assessment, while providing reassurance that repayments aren’t going to change for the first five years.

It enables landlords to borrow more or consider higher value properties, particularly in areas where house price inflation is accelerating faster than rental income.

Landlords with up to 15 properties are also eligible.

Andy Alvarez, head of mortgage sales at Mansfield Building Society, said: “By reducing the stress rate on our five-year fixed-rate product, we are able to support those landlords that have maintained their mortgage repayments throughout the pandemic, but have seen a reduction in rental income by offering full or partial rent reductions to their tenants. 

“We also wanted to make it easier for those wanting to take the first step to becoming a landlord and help those looking to grow their existing portfolio.”

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