Aldermore wins top award for second year running

Aldermore wins top award for second year running


For the second year running, Aldemore has scooped the ‘Best Commercial Lender’ accolade at the annual Bridging & Commercial Awards.

The award ceremony, held in the Summer Pavilion at the Tower of London this year, recognises the best and brightest of the bridging world.

British bank Aldemore, which has grown substantially in the last few years, is backed by AnaCap Financial Partners LLP and Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners.

Managing Director of Aldemore Commercial Mortgages, Rob Lankey said: “During 2010 Aldemore more than doubled the amount it lent to small and medium sized businesses.

 “Across all asset groups, the bank had outstanding loans worth £410.2million at the end of the year, compared to £198.6million at the end of 2009. By the end of the first quarter 2011, that number has jumped to £468.7million; an increase of 14 per cent in just three months.”

Philip Monks, Aldemore’s CEO, also commented on the company’s growth. “The relative ease at which we are beating our growth forecasts is proof that we have established a very successful and efficient business banking platform. Small businesses clearly like the service that we are providing them with,” he said.

Aldemore is especially pleased with the win due to the fact that the nomination was made by brokers. Mr Lankey said: “Our formula for success has been to deliver what we’ve always promised from the outset: simple products supported by an easy to understand process; the ability to develop tailored solutions for clients rather than simply saying ‘no’ if cases don’t immediately fit; short lines of communications which include giving brokers access to expertise (even if it’s out of hours and late into the evening) and, perhaps most importantly, fast decisions.”

He added: “Feedback from brokers has ben excellent and they seem to genuinely appreciate that they can access everything they need under one roof at Aldemore.”

Looking to the future, Aldemore hopes to continue its success. “Being voted the ‘Best Commercial Lender’ twice in a row was fantastic, but it’s our intention to make our service even better during 2011.

“We’re currently midway through the implementation of a major systems upgrade project, which should go live later this year and which I firmly believe will enable us to open up our lead even further,” he said.

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