Cheval Director cycles 300 miles for charity

Cheval Director cycles 300 miles for charity


While the rest of us were at home recovering from the effects of the Awards, Cheval Director Allan Kay was cycling 300 miles for charity.


He gives us an insight into the journey...


With all the months of planning behind us day 1 began. We set off on 27 June (the hottest day in 5 years) at 5.30am from Borehamwood heading to Dover 100 miles.  We arrived in Dover at about 7.30pm having lost a couple of hours for an emergency bike repair and then having to nurse an injured colleague the last 35miles.


Day 2

started badly. A fellow cyclist who had been injured on day 1 felt he could not carry on and pulled out. This was a double blow to us as not only did we not want to lose a man; we walso did not want to lose what had been the French speaker amongst us and also the route planner. However, we had no choice, so armed with his maps we carried on without him, crossing the channel and setting off from Calais heading to Abbeville 85 miles. We arrived in Abbeville at 9.15pm having ridden more big hills, been passed by more 18 wheel trucks than we knew existed and suffered another serious injury but we had not got lost all day. The consequence of arriving so late was that we could not find anywhere open to eat so had to make do with peanut butter sandwiches, crisps, chocolate and beer. The good news was that Mike (the injured cyclist) had decided that despite his injuries he was determined to continue and he had crossed over later in the day and was some 35 miles behind us.


Day 3 -

 Having not eaten the night before we demolished the hotel breakfast I don’t think they had ever seen so much food disappear as quickly. Before setting off from Abbeville to Beauvais 70 miles at 9.30am we had to fix a puncture. No sooner were we outside of the town limits, the tyre that had been fixed punctured and we had to stop to fix it again. All these delays were giving Mike time to catch up with us and we were also slower as we were now nursing Adrian who had fallen on day 2. Shortly after we got going again we came across the first road sign to Beauvais which indicated the distance and we were all boosted when we realised that we only had about 55 miles to cover, that along with the fact that the road itself was much quieter than those of the first 2 days helped cheer us along. With 20 miles to go Mike caught us and we made it to Beauvais by about 4.30pm arriving at what can only be described as the worst hotel any of us had ever stayed in, including our student days.


Day 4 -

 we set off for Paris 65 miles at 8.30 and made fairly good time still mainly on the quieter back roads and hit the outskirts of Paris by about 3pm then we worked our way through the heavy traffic to the tower. It was incredible we could see the tower in the distance then suddenly we were there what a feeling of achievement.


We cycled a total of 300 miles from Borehamwood to The Eiffel Tower in Paris, despite all the hills and injuries we had a great time. To date we have received sponsorship of about £13,000 which has been passed on to Kisharon see news letter attached.


If you haven’t got round to sponsoring us and still want to, the just giving page is still open


To everyone who has already sponsored us we say a massive thank you, the thought of all the money raised did spur us on.

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