Sillence Hurn moves to new Southampton office

Sillence Hurn is celebrating its second year of growth by relocating to a new office for its expanding team in Southampton.

Since its launch in summer 2019, the building consultancy firm’s team has grown tenfold.

Looking ahead, the company aims to open a London office to further support their clients.

“We are continually building on our 30 years’ combined experience, so searching and retaining talent is hugely important for us,” said Alex Hurn, co-founder of Sillence Hurn.

“Most recently we have welcomed associate and senior building surveyors, a project manager, design consultant and marketing manager to the team, all of which will be supported personally and professionally to develop their career as they wish.  

“Within the wider sector, building standards are constantly evolving and environmental sustainability is more important than ever. 

“Our approach to continue to broaden our range of service offering and expertise allows us to stay abreast of crucial changes and trends so that we can continue adding value for our clients and strategic partners.

“We pride ourselves on our personable and tailored approach, and this continues to underpin our unique offering that delivers over and above client expectations, every time.” 

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