A ten step guide to a commercial loan: Step 10

A ten step guide to a commercial loan: Step 10


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A step by step guide to setting up and completing a commercial loan...


Seize the opportunity

The previous tips have outlined the real benefits of commercial finance. It is a quick, effective, viable option for businesses to gain access to suitable funding.

Every client has different needs and risk profiles. The commercial finance industry has responded to this and introduced more innovative products into the market to support a range of clients. Specialist lenders will take an overarching view of each individual case and consider a range of property, land and income types to provide a solution.

Whether it’s cash flow, expansion or investment, commercial finance can offer a business a financial lifeline, and as traditional lending channels remain restricted it offers a real opportunity for intermediaries.

Forming a partnership with a forward-thinking specialist lender will increase the potential commercial finance solutions an intermediary can offer, ensuring a comprehensive product range and increased adaptability to suit the ever-changing needs of clients. This alliance will not only increase a broker’s potential client base, but it will also improve their earning potential.







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