Roma Finance introduces new processing channel

Roma Finance has launched a new processing channel for straightforward cases.

RomaFLOW was created to speed up the application-to-completion process and make submissions easier for brokers.

The new streamlined processing channel has fewer stages, reduced documentation and enhanced technology to help move cases smoothly to offer and completion.

Once the broker submits an application, Roma will use its new system to process it, while maintaining the expectations of a dedicated underwriter and case processor.

On straightforward cases, solicitors will be instructed within 24 hours.

Standard bridging cases will now automatically go into the RomaFLOW process, unless the broker or borrower highlights any complex circumstances or challenges at the outset.

Complex cases and heavy development applications will remain in a separate stream.

Steve Smith, national sales manager at Roma Finance (pictured above), said: “The pandemic and Brexit has affected speed in the industry across the board. 

“Knowing this is a major issue, I am really proud of the Roma team and their tireless efforts to bring RomaFLOW to fruition. 

“Our dedication remains to our brokers and customers, ensuring they receive the best possible experience and we look forward to delivering RomaFLOW to everyone as standard.”

Michael Allison, head of transformational change at Roma Finance, added: “We’ve worked really hard to create this improved, smoother process for straightforward cases so we can give brokers and customers the fast service they demand.

“We know that brokers love Roma for our lending less ordinary approach and the fact we lend with integrity. But we also recognise they need certainty and speed; that’s what we’re giving them with RomaFLOW.

“Brokers don’t need to do anything different, just send in the case and, unless it’s particularly complex, we’ll put it into RomaFLOW and provide you with much quicker turnaround times.”

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