Court No-Shows lead to raft of repossessions

Court No-Shows lead to raft of repossessions


A court in Scotland saw six repossessions in one day last week, one better than the seven they saw on the same day the previous week.

The Dumfries Sheriff Court heard ten cases on each day and the decrees for repossession were all granted due to debtors not attending court.

There are a further five people at risk of losing their homes today in the debt-ridden area. Christine Sinclair, a money advice specialist of Dumfries Citizens Advice Bureau, spoke to local media: “This is going to be an ongoing situation as more and more people are called to court. I would encourage people to either attend court or seek assistance. There are options for people if they act quickly. It is never too late to seek help.”

Miss Sinclair expressed worry that so many people are not turning up for their court hearings in an area that a large amount of people falling into debt problems. Dumfriesshire has seen 186 people issued with calling up orders in the past six months, and all are at risk of having their homes repossessed.

Those who have been issued with calling up orders have been urged to explore the options provided by a new law passed for Scotland – the Home Owner and Debtor Collection (Scotland) Bill. This bill provides homeowners and tenants with more protection form eviction, as it requires lenders to wait a longer period before being able to seize a property and to prove that repossession is the last resort.

Miss Sinclair added: “I think people feel there is nothing they can do when it gets to the repossession stage.

“Even if they are unable to make an offer of payment, there may be other options available to them.”

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