Is a two-week completion necessary in bridging?

Bridging & Commercial will be hosting its next virtual roundtable on 8th November, in partnership with Precise Mortgages.

The interactive event, which is part of a series launched earlier this year, will be moderated by Medianett’s editor, Beth Fisher.

The topic will be: ‘Is a two week completion necessary in bridging?’

OSB Group’s head of specialist finance Emily Machin will be joined by Rob Jupp, group CEO at The Brightstar Group; Jason Berry, group sales and marketing director at Crystal Specialist Finance; Harry Landy, managing director at Enterprise Finance; and Jodi Lund, head of the real estate finance department at JMW Solicitors.

The panel will discuss the main causes of delay in bridging turnaround times and how brokers, lenders, third-party professionals and borrowers can mitigate these.

They will also share their views on whether current completion timescales are reasonable for bridging, and what dictates speed.

Registration is open and free to attend by all professionals working in the sector. 

The panel will be taking questions during the event and attendees are encouraged to get involved. 

It will also be available to watch after 8th November on B&C.

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