Brightstar launches 'DIP in a Day' event with Allica Bank

Brightstar Financial has teamed up with Allica Bank for a special ‘DIP in a Day’ event on 29th November.

As part of this, an onsite underwriter from Allica Bank will be dedicated to assessing commercial and semi-commercial cases submitted on the day.

Allica Bank has committed to delivering a same-day DIP to any qualifying enquiry that is submitted by midday.

In order to secure a DIP, brokers will need the full name, date of birth and address details for applicants, as well as the property address, estimated value and type, and details of the tenant names and lease terms.

They will also need to present product details, including repayment profile and how the arrangement fee is to be paid, affordability information, and details of other income sources.

Michelle Westley, head of marketing at Brightstar Financial (pictured above), said: “Finding a solution for commercial and semi-commercial enquiries doesn’t need to be complicated if you work with the right partner. 

“We’re so confident of this fact that we have partnered with Allica Bank to offer brokers the chance to secure a DIP in a day.”

Michael Mann, business development manager at Allica Bank, said: “At Allica Bank, we offer commercial and semi-commercial mortgages across a diverse range of properties and to a wide selection of businesses. 

“We like to keep things straightforward, with clear criteria and simple requirements and we’re delighted to partner with Brightstar for this DIP in a Day event to demonstrate just how straightforward working with us can be.”

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