MFS reveals key achievements and plans for next year after turning 15

Market Financial Solutions (MFS) is celebrating its 15th birthday and, to mark the occasion, has collated 15 of its biggest achievements, milestones and success stories that the business is most proud of.

The specialist lender, which launched in 2006, has revealed the key things that it has been most proud of over the years, spanning from the growth of the business through to charitable endeavours.

"Reflecting on the past 15 years, I am both proud and a little taken aback by what MFS has achieved,” said Paresh Raja, CEO and co-founder of MFS.

“From a business sense, we have never let ourselves become complacent; we are constantly working to improve our products, rates and service, and this has resulted in a non-stop evolution of our offering, ensuring it remains ahead of the curve. 

“We have also overcome so many challenges along the way; through education and a keen focus on transparency, we have sought to improve the overall standing of the bridging sector, which previously had an unwelcome, somewhat negative reputation.” 

The MFS team

MFS reveals its 15 proudest achievements to date:

1. Team growth

From a founding group of five people, MFS now has more than 50 employees. 

2. Diversity

The MFS team includes people of different backgrounds, faiths and ethnicities; 58% are men and 42% are women, with the latter making up 62% of the management team. Some 42% of its taff are from ethnic minority backgrounds — including founders, directors and senior managers.

3. Moving into its own office

For many years, MFS had an office in Berkley Square in London. At the start of 2021, the lender bought and moved into its own office, still in Mayfair, on Hertford Street.

4. Support for leading charities 

MFS has supported numerous charities over the years through donations, fundraising and sponsorship of various events. In 2013, it joined the board of Children with Cancer, which supports research into the causes and treatments of childhood cancers. 

5. Educational content

MFS provides blogs, guides and reports, as well as hosting webinars and roundtables, to help improve people’s understanding of bridging finance.

6. International expansion

In 2018, MFS expanded into Asia when it opened a new office and subsidiary company Market Bridge Solutions (MBS) in Singapore. MBS is working to increase the number of borrowers who can access bridging loans in Singapore.

7. Taking on complex loans

The finance provider helps facilitate complicated deals or work with clients that might not satisfy the more rigid lending criteria of other firms. 

8. Funding lines

MFS has strengthened its funding lines by building relationships with private and institutional investors. In 2021, it secured three new funding lines that are worth in excess of £400m. 

9. Research reports

Since 2016, MFS has been producing quarterly research reports using independent agencies to find out how key stakeholders in the property sector (investors, landlords, homebuyers and businesses) are acting and thinking. They are regularly published in the national and trade press.

10. Supporting brokers and clients

MFS aims to provide transparency with brokers and clients and being communicative throughout the entire process. By heavily underwriting loans from day one, it only ever takes on deals that it can deliver. 

11. Trade body member

MFS is a member of the Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL), Financial Intermediary and Broker Association (FIBA), and National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB). 

12. Expanding services across the UK

In its early days, MFS focused almost exclusively on London and the South East, primarily supporting property investors in the region. Over the past decade, it has established itself across the UK, including the South West and North of England.

13. Broadening product range and improving rates

The lender has frequently expanded its product range over the years, ensuring it can support underserved parts of the market. It has also sought to improve its rates each year.

14. Free meals for NHS workers during pandemic

In recognition of the amazing efforts of key workers in the health service, MFS partnered with fine dining Indian restaurant Benares to deliver more than 5,000 freshly cooked, complimentary hot meals to NHS staff and emergency service workers across London.

15. Supporting the industry through Covid

MFS has sought to address problems during the pandemic through new initiatives, including 75-cubed and is Covid recovery fund, both of which it said proved to be hugely popular.

The MFS team

“Since we founded MFS, we have witnessed the global financial crisis, multiple recessions, Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic; there have been five prime ministers and a vast amount of regulatory and legislative reform in the property market,” stated Paresh.

“I am proud in the way MFS has tackled each challenge with a great deal of integrity, creativity and utmost professionalism. 

“These core values are what make me so confident that there is still plenty more success to come in the future, whatever new obstacles may arise. 

“My gratitude goes to all the people I have worked with since starting MFS in 2006. 

“From my co-founders and all the employees that we have had, through to our investors, brokers and clients, none of our achievements outlined here would have been possible without you.”

MFS confirmed to B&C that, in 2022, it is looking to have an even greater presence throughout the UK by partnering with new networks and events. 

It is also set to officially launch its BTL offering following a successful pilot phase, with an additional product to complement this. 

The company stated it will secure more lending through well-established investment houses for both bridging and BTL, and will increase its headcount by an additional 50%. 

“Here’s to more success, growth and progress in the years to come for the entire MFS family,” Paresh added. 

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