Cash con for property dream scheme

Cash con for property dream scheme


Conman Barry Ayres has been jailed for two and a half years after persuading several people to invest in imaginary property “dream schemes”, he claimed would give a huge return on their investment.

Ayres, formerly of Bradley, Stoke, managed to swindle £65,000 worth of savings during the scams, which took place between September 2007 and April 2009.

He pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud after conning, or attempting to con, victims in Whitchurch, Somerset, Keynsham and Dorset.
Ayres, 41, was sentenced at Bristol Crown Court by Judge Martin Picton, who told him: “You’ve left people with a legacy of suffering for years and years and years.

“Some will never recover financially from what you’ve done. You’ve behaved in a deeply selfish way.”

Ayres’ scams included persuading Denise Davis to invest £25,000 from a house sale into the development of a holiday log cabin site in North Wales.
Child minder Ms Davis, 38, told local media: "He was plausible, confident and charming. I feel stupid and vulnerable and the money is a massive loss which has changed my lifestyle."

DC Williams said: "Barry Ayres has committed the most sinister of fraud by targeting vulnerable and trustworthy members of the public.

"There will be long lasting consequences for all the victims concerned.”

Ayres convinced his ex girlfriend Lindsay Hiscox’s parents to give him £10,000 after pretending that building firm Rock was taking over his firm – a move that he claimed would cause their stake to rise to £27,750.

Ayres also scammed a Keynsham woman he met over the internet and persuaded her to part with £20,000 for the development of an imaginary wonder building product called Hemcrete.

Prosecutor Ian Fenny said: “The defendant owned or part-owned five companies. He was a cunning and plausible man and it was all an illusion.

"In reality he was broke and he was seriously in debt.

"The fiction was that he was rich and successful and running a vibrant business.

"He would speak of grand building schemes which would make him a wealthy man."

Mr Fenny continued: "He was full of bluff and bluster and cunning and charm. The idea was that 'If you give me money now I will repay it with significant interest.’”

DC Williams continued, "A very comprehensive joint police investigation has resulted in a custodial sentence and we welcome the judge's decision.

"Such investigations can be fraught with complexity as with the revelation of several victims. We deal with all such complaints positively."

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