KSEYE celebrates its ninth birthday

KSEYE is celebrating its ninth birthday, having completed over 600 loans to date totalling in excess of £435m.

In both 2020 and 2021, the company’s loan book exceeded the £100m mark, with its largest loan having been a £11.25m facility completed in April this year.

The bridging lender also introduced a new hybrid BTL product range in October, which has resulted in a significant volume of deals.

In addition, the finance provider bolstered its funding lines by securing several multi-million-pound investments over the year.

On top of this, it has expanded its team from 18 to 34 employees over the past 11 months.

Throughout 2021, the company established a new marketing team, expanded its sales and underwriting departments, and appointed a new head of underwriting, head of BTL and legal director.

Amanda Zin Lin Yeo, reporting manager at KSEYE, said: “Nine years is a fair innings for a bridging lender, and the milestone has provided an opportunity for us to reflect on the growth of the businesses.

“While the UK’s bridging sector has, in most regards, gone from strength to strength since 2012, so has KSEYE evolved and improved its offering, with many successes along the way, which we are very proud of.

“The past year has been our most successful yet, with the team growing at pace and more deals done than in any previous calendar year.

“With such a diverse range of talented, experienced professionals now part of the KSEYE family, we’re extremely optimistic about what 2022 has in store.

“Thank you to all our employees, clients, investors, partners and the brokers we work closely with; so many people have played a part in the journey so far, and we look forward to sharing more exciting news about our products and milestones in the months to come.”

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