Accord announces changes to BTL range

Accord Mortgages has announced it will revamp its BTL mortgage range this week.

The intermediary-only lender will be cutting all rates across its 80% LTV suite by 0.20 percentage points.

The products reduced include its two-year fixed-rate and discounted rate options, which will be priced at 2.67% and 2.47%, respectively — both available for houses purchases and remortgages, with a £995 fee and free standard valuation.

In addition, Accord will increase: 

  • selected fixed-rate products at 60% LTV by up to 0.06 percentage points
  • all fixed-rate products at 65% LTV by up to 0.09 percentage points
  • selected fixed-rate products at 75% LTV by up to 0.14 percentage points
  • discounted variable rate products at 60%, 65% and 75% LTV by 0.15 percentage points

The changes will take place from 9am on 7th January, with selected products withdrawn at 8pm on 6th January to allow the rate changes to take place.

Simon Garner, BTL mortgage manager at Accord, said: “We’re pleased to be able to reduce our higher LTV BTL mortgages to help landlords with less equity benefit from improved choice, but in light of changing market conditions, we’ve also had to increase selected rates across lower LTV ranges. 

“As always, we’re letting brokers know about the upcoming changes in advance.”

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