Fiduciam slashes rates and sets ambitious lending target in Scotland

Fiduciam is targeting a major expansion in Scotland, with an aim to lend £55m in the country this year.

The specialist lender has created a new Scottish team and will offer loans between £250,0000 and £25m, up to 70% and 65% LTV for residential and commercial cases, respectively. 

“We have a broad risk appetite and are supporting a range of Scottish firms, from housebuilders to trading businesses,” said Johan Groothaert, CEO at Fiduciam.

“Local knowledge is at the centre of good lending, so setting up a specialist team for Fiduciam’s Scottish business was a natural next step.”

The company has also launched lower interest rates, starting from 0.57% per month for bridging loans. 

Rates for ground-up developments are being offered from 0.61% per month. 

Fiduciam’s interest rates in Scotland remain aligned with those offered in England and Wales. 

Louisa Willoughby, case manager at Fiduciam, added: “Scotland is a growing market for specialist finance and a particular focus for Fiduciam for 2022. 

“Historically, Scottish businesses have been underserved, with limited options for more complex property finance — from time-sensitive bridge loans to development finance for family housebuilders. 

“Fiduciam’s expertise of lending in a variety of European jurisdictions — including Spain, France, Germany, and the Netherlands — means that Scotland’s distinct legal system poses us no challenge.”

In December 2021, Fiduciam was accredited under the Recovery Loan Scheme.

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