Why is the specialist finance industry failing to attract a diverse workforce?

Bridging & Commercial will be hosting its next virtual roundtable on 31st January, in partnership with West One.

The interactive event will start at 11am and will be moderated by Medianett’s editor, Beth Fisher.

The topic will be: ‘Why is the specialist finance industry failing to attract a diverse workforce?’.

West One’s group marketing director Haley McPherson and COO Stephen Hogg will be joined by Alison Houghton-Corfield, national relationship director at Master Private Finance; Aaron Noone, sales and operations director at Master Private Finance; Sarah Tucker, founder and managing director of The Mortgage Mum; and Jason Berry, group sales and marketing director at Crystal Specialist Finance.

The panellists will share their views on the necessary changes that must be implemented to make everyone feel included in the workplace and at wider industry events, and how to address the existing barriers to career progression.

In addition, they will offer advice on how specialist finance companies can accelerate and promote diversity and inclusion in their workforce, as well as highlight the key benefits and challenges of increasing and retaining diversity within a business.

Registration is open and free to attend by all professionals working in the sector. 

The panel will be taking questions during the event and attendees are encouraged to get involved. 

It will also be available to watch after 31st January on B&C.

Commenting ahead of the event, Haley said: “This really is now at the forefront of our agenda. 

“Countless studies show that diverse teams solve problems more effectively and it’s time the specialist finance market worked together to make our industry as accessible as possible.”

Alison commented: “I feel very privileged to be part of this and I will use my voice to promote positive change around D&I in the industry. 

“Representation at all levels, especially senior management, is key to developing a modern, diverse and inclusive business.

“The majority of businesses and their leaders really need to try to understand what it’s like being a minority characteristic in our industry and only by being involved in this transformation will they begin to hear, understand and set the wheels in motion to be more diverse and inclusive.”

Aaron added: “As a gay man, I can confidently say this industry needs to adapt to a diverse world, but change must come through positivity, not finger pointing or a blame culture — let’s do it together!”

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