Bridge Help

Bridge Help becomes carbon neutral

Bridge Help has achieved carbon neutrality after offsetting the entire carbon footprint of its workforce.

The specialist lender worked together with Ecologi to achieve this — every member of the Bridge Help team registered with the organisation to reduce their carbon output according to their lifestyle.

By signing up to Ecologi, Bridge Help is directly funding high-impact climate solutions.

Within two months, the commercial bridging finance company has financed the planting of 508 trees across Madagascar, Kenya, Uganda and Mozambique, achieving a reduction in 34.44 tonnes of CO2.

Chris Sellars, chief executive at Bridge Help (pictured above), said: “Prior to signing up to Ecologi, we made small steps in becoming a carbon neutral business; however, this has now been accelerated. 

“What myself and the team particularly like about Ecologi is that we are all offsetting our personal carbon output 24/7, whether we are working or not. 

“It is something the whole team is passionate about and we’ll be taking further steps throughout 2022 and beyond to reduce our impact on the environment.

“We’re a growing business and it’s important to us all that our impact on the environment does not also increase. 

“As we welcome new members to the team, they’ll also be automatically be signed up to Ecologi.”

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