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'Showing my two young daughters they can have a successful career and a happy family life makes me beyond proud'

I’m always a little taken aback when people ask me what it’s like to work in a male-dominated industry, because I guess I’ve never really viewed the specialist finance sector in that way.

It is of course, based on head count, but I have never felt like I don’t fit, nor like the minority, and that is what matters. To the contrary, from the day I joined Mint Property Finance as an underwriter in 2017, I’ve always been made to feel like my voice matters and that it’s heard.  

I’ve been fortunate to progress my career in tandem with the growth of the privately funded business, earning the position of team leader for our development underwriters in 2021. It’s a role that sees me lead a five-strong male team, not that my gender matters to them nor theirs to me; we’re united in our shared goal to deliver excellence as standard.   

Women are well represented at Mint Property Finance and across all departments, from operations to data analytics, underwriting, marketing, HR and accounts, and it makes for a healthy work environment and rounded business voice.

I believe that’s increasingly important in specialist finance. While the industry may, like others, still have a larger male workforce than women, it’s a time of change and important that businesses represent their target audience. We’ve seen a notable increase in the number of women working in linked industries — construction, engineering and surveying, alongside a rising number of female developers — and it’s fantastic to see.

These views are of course based on my personal experience, and I’m aware that others have different stories to tell. There’s still progress to be made in our fight for equality, that is clear, but I think we should strive for it while also recognising how far we have come.   

As new generations come through, we can expect to see accelerated change. Our children have big ambitions and beliefs. Showing my two young daughters that they can have a successful career and a happy family life makes me beyond proud.

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