'If you have an opinion on something, don't be overshadowed'

Overall, I’ve had a great experience in the specialist finance sector and have been treated fairly.

I came into the industry seven years ago from the surveying market. I started working with a packager and have now been at a lender for two years.

Sometimes, I feel like I’ve had to work harder to achieve the same respect as some men in the industry. I don’t think there’s as many opportunities on the social networking side. There’s still the obligatory golf days and the like, for example, which are dominated by men.

The sector has definitely improved significantly in terms of supporting flexible working for caregivers and parents and, of course, the pandemic and the shift to remote working has really helped with that.

My experience at Roma has been fantastic. I have two young children and feel entirely supported. I have a good work-life balance with hybrid working and have always been able to be there to see sports days, school plays, or simply to drop them off at school in the morning.

We’re seeing more women coming up the ranks into senior positions, and they are important role models for young women.

But, while there has been steady progress, there’s clearly room for improvement when it comes to career progression for women across the industry. I’ve seen many smart, capable women decide to take matters into their own hands. If they aren’t seeing their ambitions materialise, they are creating their own companies and becoming the designers of their own destiny.

My biggest piece of advice to young women is to make sure your voice is heard. If you have an opinion on something, don’t be overshadowed. Women in this industry have a lot to offer, and it’s a fantastic sector for us to work and progress in.

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