Landbay sets up portfolio underwriting team

Landbay has created a portfolio underwriting team specifically to cater for professional landlords with portfolios valued between £2m and £15m.

The team consists of five underwriters with significant experience in dealing with large and complex BTL cases and portfolio landlords.

They will work closely with brokers and borrowers to understand their business plan and where they sit within their various markets, as well as offer tailored support.

James Cooper-Smith, who leads Landbay’s new portfolio team (pictured above), said: “The reception from the market to our portfolio team has been great. 

“Professional landlords know their business, understand their local markets and who their competitors are. 

“If we can tap into that, it makes our assessments more accurate and we can tailor our underwriting accordingly. 

“Since launching the team, we have seen an increase in landlords coming back to us via their broker to finance more properties. 

“Building up relationships is positive for everyone involved, not just for us, but for the broker and landlord too.”

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