HTB enhances semi-commercial lending criteria

Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) has improved its semi-commercial lending criteria following broker feedback.

The bank has revised the ratio of commercial to residential to 50:50 to match the requirements of brokers and open the door to more semi-commercial lending opportunities.

HTB’s semi-commercial proposition offers loans up to £15m at 75% LTV, with no minimum income or maximum age requirements.

The range is available to limited companies, ex-pats, trusts and offshore vehicles and foreign nationals, for a wide variety of complex assets, including pubs, barbers, betting shops and offices.

Marcus Dussard, sales director at HTB (pictured above), said: “We constantly listen to feedback from brokers and today’s change is the direct result of that. 

“The criteria change means we can lend on an increased number of properties and assets and highlights our appetite to lend in the semi-commercial space.  

“Unlike many lenders in this market, we consider the commercial and the residential income for both investment and owner-occupied commercial properties due to our years of expertise and flexible underwriting approach in the specialist arena.

“We have a number of further enhancements to our offering lined up as we continue to meet the demands of brokers and their clients.”

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