Blemain Community Committee takes on first project

Blemain Community Committee takes on first project


The new volunteer initiative from the Manchester lender will begin at Ladybarn Community Centre in Fallowfield, Manchester as part of a wider volunteer scheme.

The teenagers at the community centre will be the first group to receive the ongoing support and advice of the Blemain employees who have come forward to volunteer.

The Youth Motivation Project at the Ladybarn Community Centre was set up to help young, disadvantaged teens into the world of work, and Blemain Group staff went down to share their knowledge and experience.

This was done through a variety of initiatives; including workshops focused on developing key skills such as CV writing, interview technique and Microsoft Office training.

Blemain Group’s Supporting the Community Committee was formed by a cross section of volunteers in December 2010. It identifies deserving projects and provides opportunities for staff to help out in their local community – the scheme at the Manchester community centre was identified as a worthy cause to benefit from the help that volunteers felt they could offer.

These volunteers will also dedicate their time to mentor and coach 20 teens individually, many of whom come from troubled backgrounds, to inspire them to consider their future careers.

Irene Thomas, Chair of the Committee at Blemain Group commented on their efforts at Ladybarn: “The committee was formed to provide assistance to charities and worthy organisations across the North West.

“Every employee has the chance to get involved, which means the volunteers are diverse and dedicated. Spending time with the teens at Ladybarn and teaching them basic skills that we take for granted means they can boost their self esteem, and provides the support framework they need to find further education, training and development, and employment opportunities.”

Helen Potts, Customer Service Representative a Blemain said: “Everyone at Blemain Group has been given the opportunity to get involved in the charity work that the community committee organises. Having the chance to contribute to deserving causes that I wouldn’t normally be aware of is great. Ladybarn is a fun and rewarding project, and developing strong relationships with the teens, and seeing the benefits of our work is amazing.”

Kirsty Henderson, the Youth Project Leader at Ladybarn Community Centre added: “The project has been a real success so far, and the workshops are really well received by the young people. The skills that the group are learning in the sessions with the Blemain team are absolutely essential for these young people to go on and achieve in life, and we are delighted to have their support.”

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