Pritchard's Piece: Man flu and advertising

Pritchard's Piece: Man flu and advertising


I write this blog/article feeling like I have been beaten with a stick for 24 hours and looking up to spot the Monks gathering round chanting their incantations……..Ok I think I’m coming down with man flu so I am feeling particularly pathetic this week. My friends have suggested that half a dozen Thai girls may help me sweat it out……What do you lot think?

Another week of doom and gloom with many lenders starting to put the brakes on and not much encouragement from the markets, the good thing in all of this is that those brokers who have a proven track record and who have kept strong lender contacts are now in a better position than ever.

The only issue is actually getting to the client without having a long list of other intermediaries in between living off your skill and expertise.

There are several traditional ways of doing this, like, print based advertising, data capture or TV/radio. The basic problem with all of these is that each one carries substantial investment for what can be little immediate return.

However, there are a few things that can help at least plan a campaign which I have set out below:



1)   Cost per valid reader – This has to take into account supplied information from the publishing house, which is often biased or inaccurate at best. The simple maths is to divide the number or readers by the amount paid for the advert, this provides the exact cost of getting in front of someone who is at least partially interested. One tip is to take the publishers advertised figures and cut them in half, which has turned out to be more accurate than you would imagine. Be aware that you need to research your chosen publication and demographic fit before committing………This sounds like common sense but believe me it is often not adhered to.


2)   You need to have a structure for the advert…One I like is called the AIDA system, which stands for, Attention, Interest, Desire and Action


  • Attention – Get the clients attention by using one USP in a strap line
  • Interest – Create interest by using a secondary strap line with another USP as the content
  • Desire – This is the why “haven’t we got one” question your client should now be asking themselves
  • Action – As many ways of contacting you as possible


Following these simple rules will definitely help and they at least give you that simple strategy I mentioned earlier

Anyway, off to die in the corner now the Grim Reaper has arrived…….good looking chap, reminds me of Jonathan Cornell!!!!



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