Top Ten Tips to fast track completion: Tip 3

Top Ten Tips to fast track completion: Tip 3


Want a good deal?

That’s a daft question, of course you want a good deal; not just a good deal for yourself but for your customer as well. Precise Mortgages rates are quite frankly the best in the market so from a customer perspective if you use us your customer will be onto a winner. Also our proc fees are market leading so you will be onto a winner too, if you are getting a better deal from another lender please let me know as I am confident that I can match anything from other bridging lenders.

A good deal is not just about price there is also the quality of the service to think about and again I am confident that we are well placed here as well. Our free phone number 0800 116 4385 gets you straight through to a person who can give you a decision in just a few minutes and in most cases an offer within a few hours so why not give us a try, you won’t regret it.

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