VAS Group

VAS Group rebrands

VAS Group has today (5th May) rebranded as VAS Valuation Group.

Its VAS Audit division has also been renamed to VAS Assurance.

Since its inception in November 2015 — when it was known as Valuation Audit Services (VAS) — the company has undergone several major developments, with its new group name designed to reflect a business that now employs over 30 people, delivering across a broad range of lenders’ valuation requirements.

VAS Assurance also aims to signal the type of work it undertakes, which currently includes live and retrospective valuation auditing, ‘valuation desktop-plus’, project monitoring audits, and loan book monitoring.

VAS Software — the cloud-based valuation panel management framework system, will come under the VAS Assurance umbrella, while VAS Panel will continue as a standalone division. 

“I hope the market will agree the new changes, while subtle, help better explain who we are and shows the type of organisation we are developing into,” said Gina May, COO and co-founder of VAS Valuation Group (pictured above). 

“To think we started with just two people, have grown to over 30, and employ some of the most respected names in the lending and surveying markets, is just incredible.” 

The group now regularly completes over 1,000 valuations per month for the short- and long-term, and challenger bank lending space.

Over the past 12 months, it has valued over £5bn worth of commercial, semi-commercial, and residential property.

Stephen Todd, CCO and co-founder of VAS Valuation Group, added: “What this company has achieved in under seven years is remarkable. 

“We are now the trusted valuations partner of choice for leading lenders across the spectrum, as well as a principal advocate of surveyors and reporting quality across the country.

“This progress has opened the business up to ever widening markets and opportunities, and to have a group name and our divisions, Assurance and Panel, which simply and clearly reflect our full-service offering, is vital going forward. 

“These are very exciting times.”

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