B&C X Franklin-Hackett virtual roundtable available to watch on demand

On 28th April, Bridging & Commercial held a virtual roundtable in partnership with Franklin-Hackett, to discuss how firms can energise their team and get at least 10% more return on salary investments.

The live webinar was moderated by Medianett Publishing’s managing director, Caron Schreuder.

The panel — which consisted of John Franklin-Hackett, founder and chief game changer at Franklin-Hackett; Totum Finance’s managing director Piragash Sivanesan; and Glenhawk’s sales director Jamie Pritchard and COO Damani Johnson — discussed the current macro focus points for employers and teams and the resulting impetus for why this discussion is important to have now.

They also talked about the GC Index and how it can energise and engage teams, as well as highlight how firms can maximise returns on employment and the ways in which team retention can save money.

The full virtual roundtable can now be watched, below:

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