It's vital that we make a safe work environment for everyone

At Landbay we have invested a great deal of effort in creating a positive environment for staff where they are valued and their wellbeing is a genuine focus across the business.

We are proud to be one of the seven founding members of the Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter, which was set up last year to help and encourage businesses to support the mental health of their staff.

For Mental Health Awareness Week, we are running a webinar on mental wellbeing maintenance to help staff keep a positive wellbeing.

We also provide initiatives all year round — our employee assistance programme gives all staff access to wellbeing and mental health support by trained professionals 24/7.

People can also turn to colleagues, as we have 20 trained mental health first aiders (representing 15% of the business), including the CEO, COO and HR director. They are there for anyone who feels in need of support for anything, and staff can also take advantage of two wellbeing days a year in addition to their annual leave. 

The HR department has implemented many initiatives and hosts drop-in sessions with an open-door policy, so members of the team are always accessible. They lead awareness sessions on a combination of wellbeing initiatives, engaging staff across the business in wellbeing training for managers to spot the signals when staff members might be in distress. HR also uses an employee experience platform called Officevibe, a real-time feedback tool which helps the team make immediate changes and improvements.

All of our staff work extremely hard, but we want some fun too, so we have Timeout Tuesdays, during which our staff can enjoy massages, hot pod yoga, fitness challenges and a range of workshops that allow them to focus on their wellbeing.

As a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, during the recent month of Ramadan we allocated one of our meeting rooms to be a prayer room. This is now a permanent fixture and is open for people of all faiths to use for quiet reflection.

We have also introduced a miscarriage leave policy for women who lose their babies during pregnancy — Landbay allows women up to six weeks fully paid leave if they suffer a miscarriage between 20 and 24 weeks of pregnancy. In addition, partners can take two weeks leave to support their loved one. If the loss is after 24 weeks, women are legally entitled to maternity leave and Landbay’s policy lets their partner take up to four weeks paid leave.

We spend a substantial amount of our time at work, so it’s vital that we make it a safe environment for everyone. Mental health is such an important issue and we want our staff to know they will be supported in whatever capacity they need to be.

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