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SPF Private Clients turns 25

SPF Private Clients is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the business this month.

Since starting out in May 1997 as Savills Private Finance (the financial arm of Savills) the firm has grown to become a national mortgage brokerage with offices across the UK, also offering insurance and wealth management advice.

The original company became SPF in 2011 after a management buyout and rebrand of Savills Private Finance, and seven years later, Cabot Square Capital acquired a majority stake in the business.

Most recently, Howden Group announced the acquisition of SPF last month.

Throughout the firm’s 25-year history, the original launch team of six has grown to 200 employees, including 77 mortgage brokers, 28 on the insurance team, nine in wealth management and seven in protection. 

Three members of the original team — Mark Harris, Mike Boles and Alex King — are still with the company. 

Currently, SPF specialises in residential and commercial mortgage broking, commercial real estate insurance, high-net-worth personal lines insurance, property title insurance, life assurance and associated wealth management consulting. 

“We have enjoyed an incredible 25 years; very early into our journey we decided to create a diversified business, which has enabled us to build the unique company we have today,” said Mark.

“It has also helped us navigate our way largely unscathed through three once-in-a-lifetime events — the credit crisis, Brexit and Covid.

“Our strength is in the sum of the parts and the hugely talented people who work at SPF, many of whom have been here for a large part of our 25 years. 

“It remains my absolute privilege to head this business and I remain as excited today, leading us into the Howden Group, as I was 25 years ago when I first walked into Savills.”

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