Even being under the weather has its advantages...

Even being under the weather has its advantages...


Flu to Bronchitis in 4 easy steps that’s made for a great week health wise!!


The upside is that working from home for a couple of days cleared the backlog and let me get stuck into some of the longer term projects that have been sat hidden under my desk for a few weeks, that has been quite good fun and lucrative at the same time. I have had everything from a football academy in Spain being set up by an Ex England manager to a 30k second charge for an old friend, with everything in between. The good news is that it has been so varied that some were actually achievable. So as I said even being under the weather has had its advantages!


On a serious note it has been good to see that some bridging lenders are starting to actively market that they deal nationally with no restriction, Precise being one such firm along with Golden Tree who also appear (at least so far) to be taking this market seriously. I know I have been banging on about it for weeks but it is an important issue and one that should receive publicity.


For those of you who doubt that I have any ability (actually that would be all of you) I managed to blag my way onto the Board of an iphone app company a few weeks ago by raising some investment capital from the company I work with at the moment, and this has honestly been one of the most exciting and refreshing things I have done for years. Basically in 3 weeks we have obtained contracts with James May, The Science Museum, 3 Premiership and one Scottish Premiership clubs, Jimmy Connors, 3 Premiership players (all senior internationals) Guinness are sponsoring the Lewis Moody app for the Rugby World Cup, however, my personal favourite is the well known Premier Modelling agency, who are well known from the program of the same name of Channel 4……….these guys supply the girls for Special K ads to name but one. Keep an eye on this company (ICN) these guys are going places quickly and I am hanging onto their coat tails for dear life!


It’s bank holiday weekend and then I am away for a few days camping with the kids and some friends (yes I do have a few) so don’t miss me too much!!!

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