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CSBF Capital Partners completes £2.5m loan in five days

CSBF Capital Partners has completed a £2.5m loan for an investor looking to purchase a large industrial asset in east London.

The borrower required the finance quickly to acquire the asset and add it to their wider portfolio, as they had already arranged the sale of the entire portfolio on the same day.

As it was not possible to secure the loan on the asset within the tight timeframe, CSBF worked together with the borrower and the solicitors on each side to provide an alternative legal structure — the lender created a contract with the borrower’s solicitor to hold the money as per CSBF’s instruction, which could then be released once the asset was forward sold.

The 60% LTV facility was repaid by the borrower within five hours after the sale was complete.

Jourdan Rajwan, director at CSBF, said: “We continue to see clients approaching us asking us to provide finance for their projects when their original lenders have not been able to — because we are privately owned, we can look for ways to get deals done.”

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