10 Questions with Andrew Curry of Aldermore

10 Questions with Andrew Curry of Aldermore



He has an aversion to the nanny state, supported Man City before they rich and he will find any excuse for lycra....


Brendan Simpson spoke to Andrew Curry, Operations and Risk Director in Scotland for new bank Aldermore....


1. How long have you been in the industry and how did you get to where you are now?


I started work for Royal Bank of Scotland Invoice Finance, or Royscot Factors as it was called back then, 24 years ago. Coming from an asset finance background my first few years were in sales. From there I moved to client management and then into a senior management position running a newly established operational centre in Glasgow. I then returned 11 years ago to the South East and joined Close Invoice Finance, where I became Managing Director for the South of England. However, I always hankered to return to Scotland, so when the opportunity arose to join the Aldermore team in Glasgow working with some of my colleagues from the old Royal Bank days, I simply could not resist!


2. What is the most significant difference you see between your first and most recent days in invoice finance?


Without doubt the key change has been the dramatic increase in competition coupled with a gradual tailing off of demand.


3. Which sports team do you support, if any, and why?


Manchester City, because I was born there and I like to support the underdog; although that is changing and not before time!


4. If you could change one thing about the sector, what would it be?


To significantly raise the profile of the sector. There are still large numbers of UK SMEs that remain unaware of the benefits of our services compared to conventional bank lending.


5. If you could have one superpower, what would you choose and why?


To be able to travel back in time and go to a Beatles concert. I have been to see a bootleg act which was very good, but not as good as I imagine the real thing to be.


6. What was the last film you saw and what did you think of it?


Page Eight starring Bill Nighy. A captivating film, very well acted but, as is often the case, with an ending I didn’t really understand.


7. What would you put in room 101 if you had the chance?


The nanny state and our increasingly litigious culture. It really is time we learned to take responsibility for our own actions as individuals again. Rant over!


8. What’s your favourite book?


“The Man Who Cycled Around the World” by Mark Beaumont.


9.What do you expect to happen in the invoice finance industry over the next 12 months?


Unless something dramatic happens to the economy within the next 12 months then, regrettably, I see little change within the industry. Perhaps some more consolidation with two or three independent invoice finance companies remaining, of which Aldermore Invoice Finance will be the dominant one.


10. If you could do anything you wanted this Sunday, what would it be?


Go for a long ride on my bike (push not motor) – weather permitting. Any excuse to dress up in lycra!

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