Dragonfly confirms Gilsenan's suspension

Dragonfly confirms Gilsenan's suspension


It came to the attention of Bridging & Commercial through various sources yesterday that Martin Gilsenan, Relationship Manager at Dragonfly Property Finance, is leaving to possibly go to Omni Capital.


There was an interesting twist of events when we contacted Dragonfly regarding the rumour, as the response from CEO Jonathan Samuels was: “We can confirm that Martin Gilsenan has been suspended pending further investigation and cannot comment further at this stage.”


Gilsenan has previously worked with the management team of Omni Capital at Money Partners, G Capital and iGroup.


In a response to the above and to further understand the situation, Bridging & Commercial contacted Bob Sturges, Head of Communication at Omni Capital, who could neither confirm nor deny the appointment of Martin Gilsenan to Omni.


However, he did make the following comment: “I can confirm that Omni Capital is in the process of making a senior sales appointment, and that the person concerned is from within the bridging industry. Full details will be announced in due course.”



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    Roger Morris

    I have known Martin for longer than I can remember and he is one of the good guys, and someone I admire very highly. It was always assumed as soon as Colin took the helm of Omni that he would join as his sales director and won’t be a surprise to anyone when it’s announced. It’s also logical why his distribution, are unable to comment at the moment but I am sure more than anything they will support him more than ever when they get the chance to, as actions always speak louder than words. It’s also logical why issues occur when someone like him moves from a company. But one thing is for sure Omni are look set to give the Bridging market some real competition now he is potentially on board in 2012.

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    Northern man

    I've known Martin for many years & worked with him at Mortgage Trust. He has a great reputation because of his customer service ethic & he's also a really nice bloke! I echo the sentiments of Big Man; Martin doesn't deserve this & indeed it does nothing for Dragonfly's fledgeling reputation either

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    Butler (Paul B)

    It's a real shame to read this news. It reminds me of the shinanigens of the sub prime market back in the hey day. This type of publicity did no one any good then, not the company, not the individual and not the industry.

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