717 AIPs in 6 months for top lender

717 AIPs in 6 months for top lender


In a testament to the vitality of the bridging sector, short and medium-term lender, Dragonfly Property Finance, has announced today that between 1 March and 1 September 2011 they have had a 37 per cent rise in agreements in principle (AIPs). The total of 717 compared to the 467 made during the 6 months in the run up to March 2011, indicating continued growth within bridging.


Mark Posniak, Head of Marketing & Operations, Dragon Property Finance commented on the latest results saying:


"The strong rise in AIPs over the past six months drives home just how robust the bridging market has become. With mainstream financing options still in short supply and demand among portfolio investors high, the bridging market is really reaping the benefits. The fact that completion levels are also high underlines both the strong liquidity in the sector and the high quality of borrowers.”

This big surge in AIPs indicates continued growth within bridging.


This week, Dragonfly, which launched in 2009, also completed on its 400th loan, again confirming strong activity levels — and liquidity — within the short- and medium-term loans sector.


Since 2010, Dragonfly, formerly known as Drawbridge Finance, have continued to top the market’s lending leagues and were honoured with the title of Bridging Lender of the Year at the Bridging & Commercial Awards earlier this year.

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