10 Questions with Peter Gwilliam of Virtus Search

10 Questions with Peter Gwilliam of Virtus Search



A Wolves fanatic who referees youth football and enjoys nothing more than cooking an English breakfast for the family and reading the Sunday papers…



Jason McGee-Abe speaks with Peter Gwilliam, Owner of Virtus Search….



1) How long have you been in the recruitment industry and how did you get to where you are now?



I left Avco Trust after the acquisition by the Associates in 1998, and decided that I wanted to find an environment that had the best bits from 7 great years without the corporate politics, which didn’t really suit a straight talking, passionate midlander…..recruitment in the finance space allowed me to use my knowledge, connections and relationship skills to see if I could make a difference in a world where my experience as a hiring manager told me there was lots of room for improvement.



2)  What do you like about recruitment?



Clearly it’s a business that combines people skills, with the need for negotiation and influencing, and in my social and business life they offer the chance to add value to new and existing contacts and have some fun along the way



3) What is the most significant difference you have seen between your first and most recent days recruiting in bridging?



There is a growing recognition of the value of using an intermediary to source, qualify and help select talent, and therefore that paying a suitable fee is good value for money when it helps you make the right decision and achieve your business plans. The difference between mediocrity and achievement makes a massive difference to a P & L



4) Which sports team do you support, if any, and why?



I’m a Wolves season ticket holder, and have been for many years. The gold n black rollercoaster has given me the opportunity to visit over 80 grounds in the country and, whilst not having many trophies to celebrate, I’ve never had a moments regret at following in the family tradition. I regularly tell my Dad, he had it easy in his era - saw 3 Premier League trophies, 8 England internationals, great European nights, 2 FA cups, 60,000 home attendances, etc. etc.,…all I’ve really had to love is Steve Bull, a promotion play-off win, the invention of balti pies, and learning the art of  self- deprecating humour!!!



5) If you could have one superpower, what would you choose and why?



The ability to help solutions be found for every situation that leads to pain or suffering



6) What was the last film you saw and what did you think of it?



Hangover 2…. They should try a night out with Alan Cleary!! Never easy to follow up but they’ve given it a good go.



7) What would you put in room 101 if you had the chance?



Footballers who have no respect for their fans, clubs, communities they serve –they have a very privileged position, earning crazy money (that the game I love can ill afford), being able to make or break the weekends fortunes of thousands and being able to balance spending time on their fitness against fending off the advances of beautiful women….i know, I’ve mixed up anger with resentment and jealousy!!!



8) What’s your favourite book?



Running with Wolves…a real phoenix form the ashes story, charting the rise from the depths of despair of  Wolverhampton Wanderers  defeat to Chorley Town in 1986, 2 sides of the ground being condemned and closed, being 91st in the league and mad owners who nearly took us into extinction to the successive promotions from division 3, 104 Steve Bull goals in 2 seasons, bully scoring on his debut for England followed by two belters at Wembley, and a great man in Sir Jack Hayward investing in the club to give its modern day platform. I lived every second of this, and it was largely due to this I met my wife… it’s like a soundtrack to my life…this is pushed very close by the CAMRA real ale guide, another soundtrack to my life



9) What do you expect to happen on the recruitment side of the bridging finance industry over the next 12 months?



There will be increased competition for the services of those that really influence the sector in the highly sought after roles, e.g. BDM and underwriters are typically the main focus in a time of expansion…experience of the sub-prime mortgage sector’s growth makes that abundantly clear. A general growth in headcount will follow because supply and demand will mean that new talent will have to be sourced from places like the buy to let sector



10) If you could do anything you wanted this Sunday, what would it be?



Cook an English breakfast for the family, and read the Sunday papers lauding praise on wolves latest 4 nil win, go watch my lads play for their football teams with Steve Bull alongside me on the touchline and then grab a couple of after- match pints in the Coach and Horses, before getting a good pitch in a pub to watch a game on TV with a few pals, explain to Danielle Lloyd that I couldn’t possibly check in to a suite at the Copthorne Hotel with her, because she is engaged to Jamie O’Hara and he’s a good bloke(and wolves player) and then go to the O2 Academy, to watch a Specials, the Beat, Selector, ub4o gig, that raises enough money to help my local football club buy its own purpose built ground .



I am actually refereeing 2 youth football fixtures, so nothing anywhere near as exciting, albeit it does allow a couple of after match pints…just have to take the black shirt off first to save the abuse at the bar!!!


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