'None of us should ever suffer in silence'

Time to Talk Day offers the perfect opportunity for us to pause for a few moments and simply encourage conversation with our work colleagues, friends, our family members.

The discussion doesn’t have to be anything specific or related to mental health. It’s simply good to talk. It can be surprising and enlightening where a quick conversation can take you!   

We’re huge advocates and supporters of the Day at Crystal Specialist Finance – our ‘Coffee Roulette’ initiative is now in its third year and is a particular favourite of mine.

The concept is simple: everyone in our business participates and are randomly paired up with a colleague for a chat. There’s no specific topic arranged. In fact, we actively encourage a discussion about anything that’s on our minds – which of course doesn’t have to be work related.     

Time to Talk Day is really important for us at Crystal Specialist Finance because we are a national business and many of our colleagues work remotely. So, it’s a lovely way to down tools for a few minutes and say hello to somebody you may not have seen since our last social event – of which there are many!

As one of the co-founders of the Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter (MIMHC) we, alongside many of our peers in the finance sector, are fully committed to supporting the mental health of our team. One of our mantras is to ‘keep the conversation going’.

Throughout the year MIMHC will share hints, tips and best practice ideas with our signatories and provide a framework of support and assistance which is always available – none of us should ever suffer in silence.

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