Pritchard's Piece: Terry HOT with China

Pritchard's Piece: Terry HOT with China



It's good to see that we have finally got some quality banter going with Mo's arch rivals......I am of course referring to the esteemed Mr Robert Jupp (Lurch to his mates, so I have to call him Mr Jupp or Sir). It will be a pleasure reading his blog and perhaps entering into the odd debate over certain key issues…

One thing I would like to pick Nivea Man (I will enlighten you on this over the coming weeks) up on is that throughout my entire career and the alleged partying I need only to look over my shoulder and who was there…you guessed it Mr Jupp himself…obviously he is using the tactic of plausible deniability in the extreme but nevertheless I have a huge number of photos and witness statements that will support my accusations, including several from his close family friends and relatives.......what a shocker.

On a more serious note and following on from last week’s blog, I have had frantic exchanges of emails which have culminated in a HOT (Heads of Terms) with one of the Chinese banks and this could mean a small amount of new money entering the I am trying not to get too excited but at least the early signs are good..

I ventured West last Thursday to spend a little time down in a much publicised place called Barry Island, which for the uninitiated is about 10 miles outside Cardiff and has been made famous by the TV show Gavin and Stacey. For my sins, I was visiting the other reason Barry is so famous - Pink Pig Loans (I still have not had a good answer regarding the name) - the home of James Rainbird (Uncle Bryn) and Amy Smith (Smiffy). To cut a very long story as short as possible, I ruined both of them, with Rainbird folding like a deck of cheap cards around 11pm and Smiffy attempting to take me on in a shots competition at what turned out to be a gay 80's bar in Cardiff’s city centre, however, I would like to thank them both for their very kind hospitality along with their hard work and diligence when dealing with our cases. They are a credit to the industry and deserve some recognition for their honesty and integrity.

The rest of the market is still suffering and needs plenty of help to get it off the floor. In the meantime, we will have to keep working hard so that we at least keep putting the food on the table

Have a great week everyone and watch out for the new products coming out before Xmas.



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