Pritchard's Piece: Football madness and fights on the pitch

Pritchard's Piece: Football madness and fights on the pitch


What a week! More lenders disappearing and rounded off by a visit to Priestfield Stadium, home of Gillingham, for probably one of the best football matches I have ever seen - 1 scorcher, two disallowed, 2 red cards and a fight - what more could one want. Joking apart it was probably the best 20 quid I have spent for the last 10 years (including the 7 year old who wore his shin pads and took his boots in case he got a game). Then to make the weekend almost perfect Man City stuffed their Red counterparts 6-1…pure heaven.


For those of you with their sights set lower, the last week appears to have been one of boredom…More stories about regulated brokers being banned by the FSA for sneezing in the wrong direction and lenders who have run out of their annual quota slowing things down to a snails pace to get through the year!....The fact is that I had a very quiet week along with the rest of  the Financial world which is not conducive to writing articles so I have included a free voucher for Aspirin in case the boredom creeps in and you want a slow way out, even Mr Jupps whimsical column has given no fodder for constructive assassination, lets just hope that changes over the next few days otherwise I will have to write more of this drivel…mind you that fits in nicely with the other publications so the status quo is kept.


Finally (thank god) we saw New Zealand keep France away from the Rugby World cup by a whisker…how can the worst seeded team in the tournament come so close to winning the biggest tournament (for rugby) ever, god only knows, but at least he saw sense in the end despite putting me through hell getting their…I couldn’t stand the thought of walking through London hearing ‘allez les bleus’ ringing out from the pubs around me, I just couldn’t take that, anyway I was saved that so I remain a little happier.


Anyway have an attempt at a good week and hopefully something partially entertaining will occur before next week otherwise I may use my own voucher to end the boredom!





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