Finvest accelerates application process with Nivo pilot

Specialist property finance broker Finvest has transformed its business and become virtually paperless following a successful pilot of Nivo’s innovative technology.

Nivo has provided a streamlined end-to-end onboarding and application process utilising the many features offered through its app, enabling Finvest to meet its growth objectives.

The Nivo app promises to drastically reduce the time it takes to onboard a new client and Finvest has found most customers complete the process in around half an hour, estimating that more than 95% of cases are almost paperless.

The business can now manage its workflow on a single platform with staff using a desktop-based console enabling visibility of case progression and administration across the broker team, ensuring a better experience for customers and staff.

Finvest customers can also complete ID checks and e-signing on the Nivo app rather than having to see solicitors in person to verify their identity or use other third-party software solutions.

They are also able to benefit from open banking, sharing documents such as bank statements and payslips with the broker and smart message ‘bots’ built into the Nivo system, which can assist customers 24 hours a day.

The ‘Nivobots’ have been effective in streamlining document collection, which was the part of the application process where Finvest experienced the greatest time delays.

Nivo’s automatic ‘chaser’ feature has been seen to reduce waiting times for customer documents by half.

Tanvir Faisal, founder and director at Finvest (pictured above), commented: "The technology we employ is key to us developing our business while providing an excellent service to our customers.

“Nivo were able to provide the solution we wanted quickly, avoiding the expense of developing and maintaining an in-house system.

“Our customers love using the app and our staff benefit from the additional time they have to add value, drive conversions and complete more cases.”

Damon Williams, sales director at Nivo, added: “[Finvest’s] commitment to adopting innovative technology is driving change across the industry.

“Time is critical in the specialist finance sector with speed of application having a direct impact on conversions.

“We can have Nivo up and running with brokers’ systems in as little as one to two weeks with the benefits of the solution being experienced by customers and staff almost immediately.”

Finvest is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year and provides a range of specialist funding solutions including bridging, development, BTL, commercial and complex residential mortgage finance.

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