Brokers name refurbishment as most popular type of specialist property investment

Refurbishment, HMOs and MUFBs have attracted the highest level of investment in the past three months, according to data from Castle Trust Bank.

Nearly 40% of brokers said that refurbishment was the number one specialist property investment choice for their clients in the lender’s Pulse survey.

Following closely behind were investments in HMOs and MUFBs.

Despite the high profile of holiday lets, this was the least popular type of specialist property investment over the past quarter according to brokers.

Anna Lewis, commercial director at Castle Trust Bank, said: “The Pulse survey provides a snapshot of the trends and challenges brokers are currently experiencing in the bridging market, and the first set of results make for interesting reading.

“Landlords are increasingly looking at ways they can increase their returns, and property refurbishment is the most common way they choose to do this.

“When it comes to choice of lender, speed and certainty are at the forefront for brokers, with rate having less prominence.

“This perhaps reflects the recent environment of uncertainty and frequent rate rises, where speed of decision has often made a significant impact on the rate a client has been able to achieve.

“In a competitive market, speed and certainty have always been crucial in bridging, enabling investors to respond quickly to market opportunities and build their portfolios.”

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