Guess who's 'bus'tling for business?

Guess who's 'bus'tling for business?


Precise Mortgages has taken the unprecedented step of entering the world of public transport by putting a team on the buses.

Managing director Alan Cleary, sales director Roger Morris, head of sales Gareth Lewis, head of marketing Roselle Hill and business development manager Claire Rankin will take to the road in a double-decker 1966 Routemaster London bus in order to diversify Precise Mortgages’ service offering.


The bus tour will commence on the 21st November in Scotland and will make its way down to London on 29th November. Seats will be free of charge and offered to brokers only, so it’s a very specialist service.

Alan Cleary stated: “We are 100% dedicated to the intermediary market and helping brokers in the current climate. We want to provide intermediaries with as much ammunition as possible to help customers and win market share back from the high street and these roadshows are geared towards doing just that.”


Roger Morris, sales director, said: “Alan and I have been up and down the country speaking to brokers, finding out what they want from their lenders and how we can help them generate more business. We’ve listened to that feedback and it’s clear that simply creating new and improved products is not enough. We want to share our ideas with brokers so Alan and I will be presenting on how intermediaries can target customers they may not have dealt with in the past and how to tap into parts of the market that are performing well at the moment as well as tackling any questions people may have on what else they can do to boost their business.”

As well as a seat on the bus, the team from Precise will also provide brokers with presentations on how they can help customers, fight back against high street lenders and target parts of the market they may not be focussing on currently.


Gareth Lewis, head of sales, said: “Intermediaries who have come out the other side of the recession intact know they have to be creative in order to maximise their business in the current climate. These road shows have been designed with that in mind and we are determined to help brokers in every way possible to come up with new sales ideas and techniques to regain some of the market share that’s been lost to high-street lenders.”

Claire Rankin, business development manager, told us: “We are 100% dedicated to the intermediary market and we appreciate how tough conditions have been for brokers over the last few years. We know there is an appetite to win back the ground lost to the high street lenders but many aren’t sure of the best approach. We want to give brokers the tools to begin the fight back.”

Roselle Hill, head of marketing, commented: “High street lenders are throwing huge amounts of money into marketing at the moment and consumers are losing sight of the choice available to them across the entire market. As well as helping brokers to target these borrowers, we are using the opportunity to brand the roadshow bus with a consumer message in order to raise awareness of the intermediary market and encourage consumers to see a broker rather than a high street bank. ”

We spoke to a number of brokers also who seem to be rather excited about this road trip.

Ben Gardner, Managing Director of Gardner Finance, stated: “It’s good that Precise are looking to help brokers promote their cause and fight back against direct business. It is in their interest being an intermediary-only lender but it’s nonetheless encouraging when a lender looks to enhance its relationship with the broker market and other companies should take note and it will be interesting to see if they have any useful tips that can genuinely help intermediaries.”

Steven McColl, Investment Partner at Soho Corporate, said: "It's great to see Precise getting on the road, getting out and about and meeting key partners is essential to any successful business, and this initiative is sure to drive business Precise's way."

For every mile travelled on the bus, Precise Mortgages will donate one pound to the Broomstick Ball charity event in support of Cancer Research UK.

Brokers can reserve their seat on the bus at various locations by visiting the homepage of


By Jason McGee-Abe

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