Pritchard's Piece: Greece on the precipice

Pritchard's Piece: Greece on the precipice


Another week of market turmoil with Greece still standing on the precipice and looking to take the rest of Europe with it, and now we are virtually going to the likes of the Chinese who have turned their backs and are no doubt having a little chuckle about the Westerners broken economy. It’s going to be another two years before there is even a glimmer of hope, so I am looking for a cave to hibernate in.!

A week or two ago I had a go at Alan Cleary’s words over automated underwriting, however, this week I am agreeing with his article in Strategy about brokers being too quiet whilst lenders continue to erode their position. His point about HSBC is very valid and I am surprised that they are able to get away with product bundling so that a client has to qualify for their mortgage product by effectively having to buy something that may not actually be that competitive or good for them. This practice is frowned on in every other sector of business except Financial Services apparently. Brokers need to identify and point these things out to the regulators before it’s too late.

I got beaten up last week because supposedly I mention a number of people who are friends fairly regularly but forget others who according to them are equally as important to me…The fact is Nick Sneddon it’s like having two relatives that you don’t really talk about because they are “special needs” cases, however, you are probably right, the likes of you and David Worrow should be talked about because if nothing else you do use that quaint charm on the women which does appear successful at times even if some of your conquest do make me look attractive and that is very hard to do!!

Following last weeks blog I had a conversation with Mo who runs the website and it appears my final paragraph touched a nerve with the two associations. I would like to apologise for any offence caused as I did not mean to offend anyone. All I did was express an opinion on what other people had said over the past few weeks, however, if that causes friction then I am truly sorry.

On the social front it was a very quiet week but with Expo around the corner and many people staying for the after parties it is probably a good time to give the Liver a long break, which is what I am trying to do this week as well.

I am planning another trip to China in December and would welcome some company this time round, so anyone who fancies a few days in Shanghai should drop me a line, we could start a mini invasion!

Have a good week


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