10 Questions with Simon Atherton of Hampshire Trust

10 Questions with Simon Atherton of Hampshire Trust


A rugby fan who wanted to be an explorer and would like to have the power to teleport...


Jason McGee-Abe spoke to Simon Atherton, Associate Director Property Lending at Hampshire Trust Plc...






(1) How long have you been in the industry and how did you get to where you are now?



Apart from a couple of years out to manage an opticians practice, I’ve been in banking for 30 years.  Most of this was spent as a business manager for one of the high street banks in various South of England locations. For the past seven years I have been at HT focussing on short term funding


(2) What did you want to be when you were younger?



Brought up on stories of Scott, Shackleton & Livingstone I always wanted to be an explorer. It’s only when you get older that you realise that there’s not much left unexplored!






(3) What is the most significant difference you have seen in terms of bridging over the years up to now?



The fact that bridging is increasingly seen as a mainstream product, properly underwritten rather than a simple pawn broking exercise for those who cannot get traditional credit.






(4) Which sports team do you support, if any, and why?



I enjoy most sports but don’t follow a specific team – living in Portsmouth that’s perhaps understandable! As more of a rugby fan I’ve been lucky enough to go to both the Hong Kong Sevens to support England and to South Africa to support the Lions.






(5) If you could change one thing about the sector, what would it be?



I’d get someone to have a good look at mortgage regulation! Whilst consumer protection is obviously necessary it does seem absurd that regulations designed to cover 25 year mortgage commitments also apply to a 1 month bridging loan and a 12 month self-build which have very different features and, more importantly, different risks to the consumer.






(6) If you could have one superpower, what would you choose and why?



To be able to fly or teleport so that precious days’ holiday were not wasted at airports.






(7) What was the last film you saw and what did you think of it?



A televised showing of “The Jerk” - Classic early Steve Martin.






(8) What would you put in room 101 if you had the chance?



Reality TV shows; TV “talent” contests; “celebrity” magazines and anything else that makes kids believe you can get something for nothing.






(9) What do you expect to happen in the bridging finance industry over the next 12 months?



I and expect the sector to continue to prosper but do wonder if we might start to see the first signs of some consolidation in the industry following the number of recent new entrants.






(10) If you could do anything you wanted this Sunday, what would it be?



Host a long, leisurely lunch for friends and family.


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