Narinder Khattoare, CEO at Kuflink

Kuflink reports double profits

Kuflink has reported over doubling its profits from the previous year.

The lender reported an annual profit of £1.89m compared with £729,122 the year before and adopted a new technology to aid its completion process.

Toward the end of 2023 Kuflink received a £35m structures funding facility from Paragon Bank, which provided access to institutional capital as well as new funding options and an alternative source of debt finance to the company, said Narinder Khattoare, CEO at Kuflink (pictured above).

Narinder continued: “By dint of the hard work of all of the Kuflink team, we have more than doubled our annual profits.

Other notable achievements have been the strides we have made to streamline the application process by the adoption of new technology, which we are sure will give our introducers an even better service in 2024.”

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