Pritchard's Piece: Berlusconi, Brokers and Bridging

Pritchard's Piece: Berlusconi, Brokers and Bridging


It has been yet another week of market uncertainty, and despite the resignation of the Italian leader it still appears that he is so embedded in the political world there that he may still have some control...looking at his antics over the past few weeks it appears he would have made a good mortgage broker a few years ago!

I will say this once more, unless we have a resolution in place very very soon we will suffer a credit seizure in the next few months simply because the banks will not be in a position to deal with each other, and that would make the credit issues of 2007 look like a drop in the ocean...


On a much more positive note, I watched a program in the week on psychological experiments by Derren Brown, which looked at how luck affected people and if it was a state of mind rather than something that just occurred. For those that did not see it, he found a town in Yorkshire that had a statue of a dog in a cemetery and he created a rumour that the dog was in fact lucky and if you touched it that luck may rub off, now to cut a very long story short through manipulation of certain people within the town he proved that there really is no such thing as outright luck and that anything that happened to you that appeared to be lucky was in fact a direct reflection of your own psychological state, basically he demonstrated that if you were presented with opportunities the way you responded to them dictated the outcome and more often than not they appeared to be things that happened out of pure luck.


The point of this is that you need to grasp every opportunity presented and make the most of each one. I have seldom seen a program that has been more accurate in its assessment or that was more appropriate for any given moment. I would suggest to all of those who bother to read this that you should try and watch this is, it is repeated or available on the Internet, it will really make you think.


On the lender front you may have seen that I have been involved in the launch of yet another bridging company. The fact is that we have been doing some projects for the last few months in the development market looking at the non-standard and more complex opportunities, this has culminated in several private funders wanting a conduit to market which I am involved with, in addition the family trust fund I have done some work with in the Channel Islands has also joined the syndicate along with a small number of sportsmen who wish to invest in the market. The project is live in one form at the moment but will be officially launched sometime in February, we are not going to be competing with existing funders, this will be there to catch the ones that they cannot always do because of restrictions...the products are aimed at the entire country and will take into account regional variations...I will keep you advised, however in the meantime those that want help are welcome to call.


Finally a quick mention about Expo which will hopefully be another great networking event...I am looking forward to seeing a few old friends (Jupp is looking his 54 years now) and a few young ones at the after party, although I am starting to feel like a peeping Tom when going to any trendy club (no comments about that please I will only give it back 10 fold)...hope to see you all there.


Have a good week



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