Demetrios Antoniou, chairman and co-founder at Karis Capital Limited

Karis Capital acquires specialist financial services firm

Karis Capital has successfully completed the acquisition of a regulated financial services business.

The purchase for the undisclosed company, which was completed in March 2024 for an undisclosed sum, aims to strengthen Karis’ existing mortgage offering, as well as provide Karis with enhanced FCA permissions.

Along with the acquisition, Karis has also appointed Francesco Amato as a regulated mortgage advisor.

Demetrios Antoniou, chairman and co-founder at Karis Capital Limited (pictured above), said: “The acquisition of this well-established firm is a significant boost to our current growth and is an important step in our long-term ambition to become the UK’s leading real estate debt and insurance advisory firm.

“We are looking forward to working with buyers purchasing a new home that might not be able to secure a standard residential mortgage with the mainstream banks, such as international high net worth individuals or those with complex or sporadic income streams.

“This is also a useful tool for our extensive base of developer clients, as we can now handle the residential mortgages for their buyers at the exit stage of a scheme, as well as investor led acquisitions — overall, it’s a major string to our bow.”

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