Paul Welch launches lending consultancy for high-net-worth individuals

Paul Welch has launched Million Plus Private Finance, a lending consultancy which exclusively caters to the complex finance needs of high-net-worth individuals.

Million Plus Private Finance will secure finance for all types of luxury assets including properties, jets, yachts, supercars, art, and investment opportunities, as well as refinancing for existing loans that clients have.

Paul’s mission with Million Plus Private Finance is to provide eligible clients with a bespoke, professional luxury lending experience from start to finish, where the priority is to create long-term, trusted relationships between broker and client with discretion at the heart of it. 

Commercial and specialist finance are also available through the lending consultancy. 

Paul, founder of Million Plus Private Finance, commented: “I am thrilled to announce the launch of Million Plus Private Finance.

“Our aim is to provide a bespoke, effortless lending experience from start to finish for high-net-worth individuals, tailored to meet their unique financial requirements, whatever they may be.

“We will consider the whole range of lending requests, however unusual or specific. 

“That’s the beauty of Million Plus Private Finance – due to our years of experience in bespoke lending, we can go beyond the realms of what is usually possible.

“We thrive in this area of finance, striving to find the perfect lending solution for even the rarest of requests delivered with integrity, discretion and the highest level of professionalism.

“Our mission is to be a trusted confidante to our clients, where they can contact us at any time with their lending requirements and they are instantly reassured that we will deliver for them.”

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