Pritchard's Piece: Xmas come early

Pritchard's Piece: Xmas come early


The PM having sex with a pig was a little surreal for me as Sunday night TV (Black Mirror, Channel 4, Sunday 9.30pm) but it did remind me of some of the industry stalwarts who may have gone down this route in the past...I should keep this line to a minimum or face their wrath!!!

Last week was the annual B & C Directors lunch which gave a chance for the great and the good to mingle with their peers...the fact is that there was a really positive atmosphere and what I felt was a degree of togetherness between everyone that I had not seen for a few months. It was a pleasant change to the negative vibes I have come across at other events.


I would like to congratulate Stephen Johnson on the birth of his new son, it is a real privilege to be so lucky in life, and something I am sure he is well aware of. Secondly, Mo pulled off another great event; however, I am sure his ego told him that on the way in!!!


On a business front, I was pleased to see the guys from West One who have done a few deals for some of my consultants over the past few weeks and who have delivered where others have failed, they seem to at least be doing what it says on the tin, it was also good to meet one of the Directors from Montello who also seems to be willing to help and take a commercial view on things.


With regard to the rest of the market, I think I can safely say that it is closed for Xmas...a little earlier than usual and with little warning but loser it appears to be, well and truly shut.


Let's remember that this year we have managed to lend around £120 million (£370 million in 2007) and according to some respected sources the word is we will be lucky to break £100 million which despite being a reducing number does hold out some opportunity for the more entrepreneurial to take advantage off, you just need to look hard enough and you will work it out.


Have a good week!



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